Develop the functioning of your teams, releasing your organisations true potential

There is a clear difference between high performing teams and high functioning teams.

Put simply, many high performing teams are not necessarily high functioning.  They achieve what they achieve through effort, blood, sweat and frequently tears.  Performance in these organisations is exhausting, often stressful, there is fall out and discontent.  They are battle zones.  In truth, these are not pleasant environments in which to work, but so often we put up with it because when we jump we find exactly the same issues emerging in the fire as well as the frying pan.

In contrast high functioning teams are positively slick, they are pleasant supportive places to exist.  They operate in such a different zone that performance becomes the by-product.  So nearly all high functioning teams are also high performing, but without the angst found in high performing teams that are not high functioning.

It’s this inability to function highly that we have witnessed time and time again.  Almost everywhere you will find people working hard, everyone is busy, at least by the norms of their incumbent culture.  Performance is striven for on all almost every front, but it’s like giving a diabetic with a headache some paracetamol when the reality is their blood sugar is too high.  Working harder and faster, becoming increasingly busy is not the answer, improving the way we function is.

‘My High Functioning Team’ will walk you and your organisation through these issues while providing the antidotes to the problem.  It’s going to be like a gym workout, something that takes time and effort if you are going to see results.  It’s like this; we could legitimately do one press-up, look in the mirror, flex our biceps and conclude press-ups don’t work.  It is (of course) the many press-ups over an extended time that make the difference and the same will apply with the work we will do with you.  Seldom in any organisation is their a single fix, a single magic button that transforms everything.  My High Functioning Team will enable you to begin, develop and mature the functioning of your teams, releasing your organisations true potential.